Who Is Tomo?

tomo cofounders

Hi! Our names are Greg Schwartz and Carey Armstrong, we co-founded Tomo in 2020. Before founding Tomo we spent more than a decade as executives building Zillow – so digital real estate is our thing.  Our mission at Tomo is to help people find and win a home with more confidence and fewer sacrifices. 

How it all began

tomo mortgage launch day

In 2020 we launched Tomo Mortgage, which uses breakthrough digital experiences to reduce the cost and increase the speed of closing a mortgage. A favorite feature is no hidden lender fees (which are all too common in mortgage banking) and we publish our mortgage rates for all to see. Our mortgage company is licensed in 29 states + DC.

Why we launched Tomo.com

The team at Tomo has long dreamed of launching a modern real estate search experience; today’s options are rather long in the tooth, not having evolved much in decades, and we think the modern real estate shopper deserves better. So we launched Tomo.com in December of 2023.

What’s different

On Tomo.com, you’ll find a more intuitive way to search for a home  and greater hands-on guidance from our team to find the needle-in-a-haystack home that meets your budget needs and lifestyle wants. 

Oh and here’s a crowd pleaser — we have banned ads, so you can focus on the actual homes. Without ads our site loads at blistering speeds, even on mobile devices. 

We get our real estate listings from the very same system that real estate agents use – the MLS – and give you access to them for free. 

Team Tomo is available seven days a week to help you – text or call (404) 738-5385.


Greg & Carey

Tomo Co-Founders

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