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New homes bring joy.

We think buying them should too.

Remember dial-up and walking into a video store? Think of how technology has transformed your life over the last 20 years. Needless to say, the process of home buying has not kept pace. It’s outdated, stressful, anything but easy, and, frankly, not very fun. Tomo is changing it.

We’re doing what big banks and mortgage brokerages have never been able to do—transforming home buying into a customer-centric, streamlined experience. One that recognizes the individual, uses technology to save time and money, and brings together great mortgages and the most talented real estate agents in the industry. All in service of you, the homebuyer.

Tomo's story

Frustration is the mother of invention. Is that how the saying goes? Well, it does in our case.

Tomo exists because the process of buying a home can be truly terrible. After spending years in the industry and confronting this reality time and again, Carey Armstrong and Greg Schwartz asked a simple, yet seemingly novel, question: why? When no reasonable answer was to be found, they started Tomo.

Joined by a talented group of diverse, fearlessly curious, and relentlessly customer-focused people, Carey and Greg set out to launch the world’s first complete home buying service.

Our driving belief at Tomo is that the joy of owning a home should never be overshadowed by the hassle of buying one, and we’re not the only believers.

Tomo has raised a record-setting seed round of $70 million led by Ribbit Capital, DST Global, NFX, SVB Capital, and Zigg Capital.


Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz

CEO & Co-Founder

If you met Greg in the hallways of Tomo, you’d find a warm, engaging, and razor-sharp individual with endless amounts of energy. As the CEO and co-founder of Tomo, Greg leads the company in its mission to ensure that the joys and promise of a new home are never overshadowed by the hassle of buying one—a mission that has become a part of his identity.

While his personality and zeal are that of an entrepreneur, his resume and prior experience speak to a long and successful career driving transformative change. Prior to founding Tomo, Greg was one of the principal executives at Zillow Group. As president, media and marketplace, he led sales, bu...

Carey Armstrong

Carey Armstrong

COO & Co-Founder

No conversation with Carey is complete unless she asks you a question or two. Mostly because of her seemingly endless appetite for seeking the truth, but also because she's one of the most genuine and caring individuals out there. As the co-founder and CRO of Tomo, that curiosity and conscientious drive are essential in pushing Carey and the Tomo team to redesign one of the biggest transactions in existence. No small task.

'No Small Task' is actually a great way to describe her career. Before co-founding Tomo, Carey was Vice President, Premier Agent, at Zillow Group, where she led the $1B buyer services business. Yep, that’s Billion with a B...

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"I cannot express my gratitude for Stan's support and assistance through the entire process of purchasing my new home ... Stan kept everything rolling so smoothly that I was able to put in an offer on a house, get approved for the loan, and close in 15 days! My agent said that was the fastest closing he has ever seen in his career. Forever grateful Stan. Thank you thank you!"

—Customer in Seattle, WA


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